My friend Aliesha (our youth pastors wife) and I were chatting online this afternoon… and got to talking about doing pictures at the local carnival we have going on. Neither one of us had showered (mind you it was 2pm lol)… but I really wanted to get out so I told her I was going to go out there tonight and if she wanted I would snap a few pics of her and her hubby Tad for fun.

We went ahead and went with the family and let the boys enjoy a ride or two… then went across the street to walmart to grab some items we needed… then around 7:30pm I got a call from Aliesha :) they were at the Carnival hehe… so I had Travis drop me off and in about 15-20 minutes I snagged some fun pictures of them before we lost the light.

It was a bit darker than Im use to shooting portraits in…
I also had my older camera & a zoom lens.. I never use zoom lenses for my portraits, only primes.. so that also was difficult adjusting to… but all in all, I think she will enjoy them :)

_MG_0287 _MG_0294 copy

_MG_0264 copy

_MG_0243 copy

_MG_0240 copy

_MG_0221 copy _MG_0103

_MG_0077 _MG_0083

_MG_0084 _MG_0086

_MG_0116 _MG_0119


_MG_0157 _MG_0165

_MG_0185 _MG_0185 copy


Oh… and Tad this is prob my favorite :-)


“Uhhhh what do I dooo.” :-)

I will get to the rest another night, now im off to catch some zzz’s after this wee newborn eats.